The compact device with 5 functions.

The factors of degassing and pressure maintenance are of the greatest relevance for the smooth and long-term stable operation of a heating system. The Olymp Pressurisation and Degassing Automat HC is the ideal solution for this. 

Free and bound gases or air bubbles that get into the heating system during filling and via system components are removed again using the unique venting process.

  • Expansion: no membrane vessel required
  • Automatic Pressure Maintenance: fewer maintenance costs 
  • System top up: equalise water loss
  • Pressure step deaeration: protect your system from damage
  • Dirt removal: by settlement – filter option available
  • System dosing: no dosing pot required

Free and dissolved gases or air bubbles, 

formed during system filling and absorbed from parts of the heating system are removed using this unique de-aeration device.
Opening a mineral water bottle produces gases which were dissolved in the water, the Olymp Automat uses the very same principal to remove from the installation all aggressive and destructive gases even from remote areas of the system. (See Henry‘s Law – adiabatic gas separation)

The Olymp Automats are ideal for the following uses:

  • All sealed heating and chilled water installations up to 120°C designed to EN12828
  • Chilled water sytems with up to a 40% glycol content to -5°C
  • Also available for degassing/deaeration without pressurisation and top up functions 
  • Single or twin pump versions  

5 Good reasons to use the Olymp Automat

  1. Small footprint multi function. Expansion – Automatic Pressure Maintenance – Top up -Degassing/Deaeration – Dirt removal – System Dosing
  2. Injector at inlet. Lets gasses escape producing water poor in disolved gases (stripped) = „gas poor“ top up.
  3. Maintenance free vessel. Long life – completely neutral to all system materials.
  4. No intermediate vessel required. The use of high quality solenoid valves suitable for a high inlet temperature means that no intermediate vessel is required.
  5. Long term stability. Industrial grade controls, sensors and solenoid valves keep the pressure constant year on year. Exceptional long life through continuous use during Summer and Winter cycles.

HC N – Pressurisation Units.

HC 7N – Single Pump, HC 7ND – Twin Pump 
Specifications: Digital controller – Pump 4 Bar – Connection 3/8” or 1/2” – 3 Volt free alarm connections – Alarms (high pressure, low pressure, general fault)

  • Single or Twin Pump
  • Digital Controller
  • Up to 4 Bar Pressure
  • Pressure Maintenance
  • System Refill
  • High Pressure Alarm
  • Low Pressure Alarm
  • Floor or Wall Mounted