Olymp Wellness Heating – the healthy alternative.

Innovative radiators. The time of dry, overheated rooms is over. Olymp offers a healthy alternative with its wellness radiators. The mild warming of air with low water temperatures results in relative air humidity of 45 to 60 per cent and consequently a constant optimal heating climate. Besides it comes to energy saving too.

Thermosoft indoor climate:

The difference of the measured temperatures on both floor and ceiling in a room should be less than 1°C. Healthy – Cozy – economical

Olymp gesundes Raumklima

Endless design options with the OLYMP aluminium radiator. 

  • More than 180 exclusive colors available
  • 5 different versions: from the conventional radiator valve, to the auxiliary radiator up to the electric radiator. OLYMP offers a solution for every requirement.
  • Huge selection of different lengths
  • 3 construction depths (60mm, 130mm, 200mm) and 6 heights (250mm to 1800mm)
  • Adaptable shoe warmer
  • Various towel rails: buttons, hangers, shelves, …
  • Mirror surfaces on the radiator
  • Radiator tilt function allows a simple tilting of the radiator off the wall. Ideal for drying clothes and cleaning
  • LED mirror radiator
  • many more

Your product benefits at a glance:

  • Perfect solution for solar and heat pump 
  • Aluminium enables it: The difference between an Olymp radiator and a conventional radiator is in the construction. Olymp radiators contain about 90 per cent less hot water and due to the excellent conductivity of aluminium, they start heating immediately. 
  • With Olymp radiators you are able to use energy whenever you need it which means potential savings up to 20 per cent
  • Also the material aluminium brings you such benefits as high corrosion resistance and easy mounting through the small weight.
  • Aluminium conducts heat four times as quick as steel, of which the conventional radiators are made.
  • High utilization of thermal capacity at the smallest place with minimal water content.
  • Perfect low temperature heating and excellent precise regulation.
  • Functionality on the highest level. Just think of wet trekking shoes, ski boots, jackets or gloves. The stainless Olymp radiators seem to be made for plumbing units.
  • Cooling with Olymp aluminium radiators 
  • Refurbishment with Olymp aluminium radiators: your heating system will work up to 70 per cent more economical than before. Furthermore you don‘t need to remodell anything – you can simply use the old pipes.
  • e-well electric radiators. Electricity is an alternative if no heating system exists. No pipe work and quick installation

Functional radiator with mirror or towel rail – the ideal solution for the bathroom.

The ideal heat distribution guarantees best comfort and the anti-mildew effect in the bathroom. Always a warm bath and comfortable warm towels without overheating. 

  • Mirror surfaces for an elegant visual enhancement of the radiator (also with elegant LED lighting)
  • Towel holders in various designs (buttons, shelves, rods, hangers, hooks, …)

Radiators with show warming hooks.

The low-temperature operation guarantees that the suspended shoes cannot be overheated even over several days. In addition, dry and preheated shoes increase the wearing comfort many times over. Ski boots or even hard leather shoes become softer with the soft shoe warmer and thus more comfortable to put on and wear. Sports shoes also dry in a few minutes and thus retain their initial smell for much longer. The brackets can be hung in pairs on any OLYMP radiator.

OLYMP tilting radiator and Flex connection – functionality at the highest level.

The tilting mechanism and the flexible connection make it easy to tip the radiator away from the wall.

AluFlex: The valve can be mounted anywhere on the radiator, making the AluFlex a universal device under the radiators. Thanks to the AluFlex function connection block, you can also change the flow and return at any time by simply turning the hexagon 180 °. 

Infrared-Hybrid electric radiators. 

The principle – fast controllability. The minimum heat carrier mass (the radiators are filled with only 1 to 5 liters of water) is heated in a few minutes by a heating rod.
Current – an economical alternative. No piping and no stand-by costs. A perfect solution in the transitional period.

  • Immediately ready for use
  • No dirt during installation  
  • Economical in operation: Watt-accurate heating without service and maintenance costs
  • Comfortable to operate thanks to the digital room control
  • Mobile radiators as a perfect complement to your heating system

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