Heat ecologically and economically with the Olymp PelletStar Lambda.

Do you want to heat fully automatically with the renewable raw material wood? Then a pellet heating system is just right for you.

Pellets are standardized, cylindrical rolls made from natural wood residues. The production takes place without binders and additives and only requires 1% of the amount of energy contained in the fuel. As with wood, combustion is CO2-neutral and therefore also makes an important contribution to climate protection. The new PelletStar Lambda from Olymp is characterized by an exceptionally high degree of efficiency with extremely low emissions. At the same time, it offers the greatest possible operational safety and ease of use.

Pelletkessel von Olymp
  • Nominal heat output: 3.4 to 60kW
  • Highest efficiency through lambda probe
  • Automatic heating mode
  • Stepless control of the heat output
  • Fully automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger surfaces
  • Ash container easily accessible from the front
  • Optimal operational safety through grate cleaning
  • Particularly low space requirement due to compact dimensions
  • Various fully automatic discharge systems with flexible screw, suction conveyor or mole systems or with 4-point suction from a storage room or bag silo.
  • Alternatively, there is also cost-effective manual filling (without storage room or bag silo)

The PelletStar Lambda Condens – the first pellet boiler with condensing technology.

The combustion technology at the highest level and the high-quality system components result in an increase in the efficiency of the pellet systems and a reduction in dust emissions. The extremely compact condensing boiler with 8 output sizes from 3 to 60 kW is the ideal solution for both new buildings and modernization.

Maximum efficiency.

The water vapor contained in the exhaust gas is cooled down to such an extent that liquid condensate is formed. During this cooling (liquefaction), heat is released and used for heating purposes, whereby efficiencies of almost 100% can be achieved.

Ideal for radiators and underfloor heating.

The OLYMP PelletStar Condens condensing boiler is the ideal solution for both new buildings and modernizations. The heat distribution can take place via a low-temperature or a high-temperature system.

The delivery systems.

With the new PelletStar Lambda series from OLYMP, heating with wood pellets is clean and safe. This includes the correct storage of the pellets (storage room or bag silo) and the correct room discharge system.

The flexible screw discharge:

The room discharge by means of a flexible discharge screw is a simple and energy-saving system with optimal emptying of the storage room.
Figure with pellet storage room.

Discharge by means of suction:

Suction conveying is recommended for larger distances between the storage room / sack silo and the PelletStar Lambda. The suction conveyor system guarantees efficient storage space emptying and a particularly low space requirement!
Illustration with sack silo.

Environmentally friendly heating with wood – the Olymp HolzStar Lambda.

High efficiency. In order to be able to use wood as an environmentally friendly fuel, efficient and complete combustion is necessary. With the right combustion technology, the wood is dried, degassed and supplied with the right amount of oxygen before burning. Thanks to its 3-zone controlled combustion system, the Olymp HolzStar Lambda combines all requirements in one device and impresses with its high level of efficiency. The pollutant emissions are well below the legal norm.

Olymp HolzStar Lambda, heizen mit Holz
  • Nominal heat output: 14.3 to 60kW
  • Easy heating up
  • The large filling shaft for half-meter logs guarantees a burning time of up to 8 hours at full load (depending on the type)
  • Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger
  • Best energy utilization and low ash accumulation through optimal combustion with lambda probe
  • The very quiet operation of the boiler stands for high-quality system components
  • Fire nozzle made of heat-resistant ceramic stone

OLYMP stoves. Heat romantically and comfortably with wood.

Water-bearing stoves, the clever addition to your heating system. Olymp wood-burning stoves combine the cozy warm ambience of a fireplace with the efficiency of central heating. Some of the heat is used to directly heat the room in which the stove is located. The rest is converted into hot water by a heat exchanger and “temporarily stored” in a buffer storage tank (which is also fed into zones by other energy sources such as solar systems or gas heaters). Depending on requirements, the heat from the buffer storage is fed into the central heating system or used for hot water preparation. All of the fuel’s energy is used in an intelligent way.