Compact gas condensing boilers from OLYMP.

Gas condensing technology is nowadaysthe most efficient technology for generating heat from the fossil fuel gas. While with conventional boilers energy escapes unused through the chimney in the form of water vapor, with condensing boilers this is recovered through condensation and fed back into the heating system.

Wall-mounted gas condensing boilers offer you outstanding performance in the smallest of spaces – and at an almost unbeatable price-performance ratio. With the TINOX and the THS, OLYMP has two wall-mounted gas condensing boilers in its range that can even find their place in the modern living room.

Your product advantages at a glance:

  • Perfect for replacing older devices
  • Compact in size and weight
  • Optimal efficiency
  • Intelligent control technology with very easy operation
  • Maximum reliability due to the significantly longer service life of the gas boiler
  • Maintenance friendly

Technical data at a glance:

  • Nominal heat output: 1.2 to 48.7 kW
  • Water content: 1.6 to 8 liters
  • Titanium-stainless steel heat exchanger: The gas boiler system and heat exchangers are made of titanium and stainless steel and ensure optimum operational safety.
  • Comfortable: Quiet in operation; easy installation, operation and maintenance; compact in size and weight.
  • Perfect for low temperature radiators
  • Particularly environmentally friendly combustion
  • Easy control with control panel
  • Available for all types of gas

The OLYMP MultiTINOX – The quality leader in floor-standing gas condensing boilers.

Double condensing floor standing condensing boiler (in heating and domestic water operation) with a large modulation range. The Olymp MultiTINOX with a maximum output of 280kW meets all requirements. The design allows a maximum operating pressure of 11 bar and the cascaded arrangement of the burners ensures optimum operational reliability.

The design makes the difference. Due to the cascaded arrangement of the gas burners, the operation of the device is no longer dependent on a single burner. If one module fails, the others continue to work normally and the system is not disrupted. The malfunction can be rectified without having to switch off the entire floor-standing gas condensing unit. In addition, each module can be controlled and regulated separately in order to maximize efficiency even further!