Innovative, compact, efficient & quiet.

The central heating system with the efficientcombination of heating, hot water and heat pump leaves nothing to be desired – and that on just 1m2! All components that are needed for a central heating system are compactly housed in our all-in-one heating cabinet. The confusing boiler room with several different devices is a thing of the past.

The heat pump heating cabinet can be perfectly combined with solar, solid fuel and alternative energies, so that cozy warmth and sufficient hot water are always available.

With the OLYMP heat pump heating cabinet, you have the security of putting together your personal energy mix in the future – regardless of the innovations that the next decades will bring!

Your product advantages at a glance:
  • Expandable for additional energies
  • Higher temperatures / quiet in operation
  • Highest efficiency in all versions (air, brine and water)
  • 100% hygienic hot water
  • High service friendliness
  • Control with smartphone app
  • Inexpensive passive cooling possible

Technical data at a glance:
  • Nominal heat output: 9.7-14kW (depending on model and design)
  • Buffer volume: 500 and 800 liters
  • Mixer heating circuit for heating cabinet and heat storage
  • Domestic water heating circuit 20 liters
  • RegelStar 3000 comfort remote control
  • Connection shut-off set
  • Safety fittings group

Heat centre with air heat pump and external table evaporator

Precisely for every room. Air heat pumps are ideal for passive and low-energy houses or for renovations. They generate comfortable heating with energy from the ambient air. They are recommended wherever very low outside temperatures are rarely measured, even in winter. Energy class: A++

The elegant new tabletop vaporizer

Functional, beautiful and quiet. The new design not only meets the highest technical standards but also meets appealing elegance. Our table-top vaporizer is also the only one of its kind that can be placed directly (without any space) on the wall or in the corner (free-standing installation is also possible). The volume level of the device – depending on the setup – is also below the requested specifications. The fins of the fan have been designed in such a way that extremely quiet operation is possible.

Heat centre with brine heat pump

Area collector or depth probe. The energy stored in the ground can be used either via an earth register – a horizontal pipe system – or via geothermal probes driven vertically into the earth. In both cases, the heat energy is transferred via the brine, a special liquid that circulates in the pipes / probes. Energy class: A++

Heat centre with water heat pump

Groundwater as an energy source. The advantage of groundwater as an energy source is that it is always available. In contrast to the brine heat pump, there is no need for the ground to recover. Even on cold winter days, the groundwater still has a temperature between 8 and 12°C, which is completely sufficient to supply a house with heating energy. Groundwater heat pumps are ideal for shallow depths. Energy class: A++

The OlyJet air heat pump for outdoor use

OLYMP Olyjet heat pumps generate comfortable heating with energy from the ambient air. They are recommended wherever very low outside temperatures are rarely measured, even in winter.

The heat pump for the outside area gives building owners and architects the greatest possible leeway when planning and realizing new buildings and renovations. The OLYMP Olyjet models impress with their cost-effective installation, as the entire control technology is already completely integrated.

Olymp OlyJet air heat pump
Your product advantages:

– Impressive heating output with up to 53 kW heating output
– Unrestricted installation options thanks to flexible air connections
– Plug-and-play commissioning thanks to components completely installed at the factory.
– Heating AND cooling possible
– Demand-optimized defrosting and optimally coordinated refrigeration technology


Olymp is the official partner of the Tirol Heat Pump Network. With the initiators TIWAG, Land Tirol, Wirtschaftskammer Tirol and Energie Tirol, the Network Heat Pump Tirol is building on four strong partners on the way to energy autonomy in Tirol. Tyrol wants to be energy autonomous by 2050: With the cooperation with the network, we are contributing to the “Tyrol 2050 energy autonomous” initiative and thus to a future of Tyrol that is free of fossil fuels and worth living in. The primary goal of the Heat Pump Network Tyrol is to help the environmentally friendly heat pump technology gain a higher market presence in Tyrol and to provide comprehensive information about the advantages of this emission-free form of heating.