High energy solar tubes. 

The sun does not charge. 
The investment in an Olymp high efficient solar system provides free solar energy over many years with a constant efficiency level.

The full vacuum insulation ensures a good performance during the lifespan of the system. The vacuum is protected against wear over the years and the thick hail resistant borosilicate glass protects over the years.

  • Excellent winter performance
  • Quick kick off at 160 to 200 W/m2
  • Long life with proven reliability of more than 15 years
  • Tubes are equipped with overheating protection and can be exposed without damage during stand still
  • Borosilicate glass with good resistance against hail
  • High efficient vacuum isolation

Full vacuum tube collector – good performance also in winter

The full vacuum technic gives also during winter time a good performance. The fast reaction of the collector also with poor weather (low radiation) ensures a better gain than with flat panel or part vacuum collectors.

Save for hail and storm. The construction of the tubes with the air slots between the tubes provides good wind resistance in combination with the stable fixation. Hail resistance is based on the thick borosilicate glass construction in combination with the round surface where the hail is diverted.