The Olymp SuperMax can do much more than just burn fossil oil.

Highly efficient and environmentally friendly heating with bio oil. Tradition meets modernity. The Olymp SuperMax can do much more than just burn fossil oil. Olymp oil heaters are ideally prepared to be operated with modern biological oils – with so-called green liquid fuels. HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is the alternative for anyone who does not want to let go of their tried and tested oil heating.

Heating with the bio oil HVO.

HVO is a synthetic heating oil, which mainly consists of residues – vegetable and animal fats as well as waste – and is burned practically CO2-neutral. A modern oil heating system with condensing technology can therefore also make an important contribution to achieving the climate goals. Away from fossil fuel oil and towards sustainable heating with bio oil.

The Olymp SuperMax with proven condensing technology.

What does the term condensing technology mean? It’s actually quite simple. Combustion in the boiler creates exhaust gases which, with conventional devices, simply escape through the chimney and remain unused. Not so with condensing devices. The SuperMax catches the exhaust gases and cools them down. As a result of the cooling, the water content of the exhaust gases condenses and additional heat is released. This heat, in turn, is used continuously in the condensing unit. In this way, the efficiency of the boiler increases significantly and, at the same time, the amount of flue gases released into the air through the chimney is reduced.

The particular advantage of the SuperMax is the two-stage heat recovery through the combination of proven vertical combustion and the downstream corrosion-resistant ceramic heat exchanger. This principle ensures that combustion and condensation take place separately from one another, which results in an energy saving potential of up to 40% compared to conventional boilers.

  • Energy class: A
  • Nominal heat output: 16 to 60kW
  • Suitable for HVO bio oil
  • Quiet, service-friendly and compact
  • Robust heat exchanger combination – also suitable for old systems. Insensitive to all oil qualities
  • A direct heating circuit can be connected without any further additions
  • Up to 40% energy savings with a new Olymp oil condensing boiler
  • SilentStar blue burner
  • RegelStar 3000 multifunction control

ÖKO heat unit – the comfort heating center

A specially coordinated boiler-burner unit with the smallest space requirement – the Olymp ÖKO heat unit with vertical combustion for oil and gas operation (only over 400kW). The arrangement of the burner guarantees environmentally friendly and operationally stable combustion.
With the ÖKO boilers you can achieve nominal heat outputs of up to 75 kW (one-stage) or 60 kW (two-stage). The usual compact design, the low water content and the longevity of the Olymp boilers are a matter of course. The economical dart burner process, the low standby losses and ease of maintenance add to the list of advantages.

TrioPrex N – The large boiler for outputs up to 2000 kW

With the low temperature steel boiler(in 3-pass construction) TrioPrex N you don’t know any upper performance limits. The nominal heat output range for the numerous models of the Olymp TrioPrex extends from 70 to almost 2,000 kW.
With its exceptionally high annual utilization rate and extremely low heat losses (generously dimensioned thermal insulation of the boiler), the Olymp TrioPrex has more than earned the title of “most economical boiler”.