Austrian quality for more than 50 years. 

At the age of 21, Anton Schwarz began selling and service oil burners in Tyrol. Today, he can look back on a successful company development. 

A company with a remarkable history. In 1960, Anton Schwarz registered his first patent. In doing so, the company owner lays the foundation for a rapid development of the Olymp Group. In a garage, Anton Schwarz is working on an energy-saving burner technology – and this in a decade in which environmental protection appears as a luxury. 

The energy shock 1973: Immediately afterwards Olymp develops radiators for low temperature operation. A new era in heat technology begins. 1977 an Olymp invention that changed the market: the Viscostat oil preheating. A breakthrough that today is part of the general state of the art.

Since 1973, the company has been based in Ötztal Bahnhof in Tyrol. In addition to several other branches in Austria, the company is also represented in the rest of Europe at some locations. In addition, a large number of service technicians travel throughout Europe every day to provide our consumers with good customer service everywhere.

Today Olymp offers a wide range of products. In addition to the alloy radiators and the oil and gas boilers, the general range now includes wood and pellet boilers, as well as heating water controllers, heat pumps, solar and chimney systems, heating cabinets, condensing boilers, various water and solar storage tanks as well as all control units of the devices.

Hydrosoft Private SPA – The unique multi-wellness cabin.

To relax, we look for warmth, but not the dry heat that stresses us and drains energy. We are attracted by the sea which unites warmth and humidity to the most relaxing climate. The HYDROSOFT® Wellness-Sauna delivers the perfect combination of pleasant infrared warmth and vitalising vapour on a natural basis.

Hydrosoft Private SPA
Sporthotel Olymp.

The hotel for epicures and active holiday-makers in the heart of the ski paradise Obergurgl/Hochgurgl.
Enjoy the comfort of a 5 star hotel and the Laissez-faire of a 4 star hotel in the Tyrolean Sporthotel Olymp. Embedded in a fascinating alpine scenery and right in the middle of the ski paradiseHochgurgl/Obergurgl, our hotel is an ideal starting point for long ski runs between 1800 and 3100 m or for restorative walks around the ski area. You can  put on your skis right in front of the hotel and be off!

Sporthotel Olymp Hochgurgl
Parkhotel Tirolerhof.

Here with us, in the Hotel Tirolerhof in the middle of Lagundo near Merano in South Tyrol, one thing awaits you above all: honest, heartfelt hospitality.
With family warmth and the very special, typical South Tyrolean charm of our small hotel in Merano, we ensure that the Tirolerhof will be more than just a hotel in South Tyrol on vacation.