With Olymp heating products, it is in your own hands to create a healthy room climate.

From heat generation to heat supply – everything from a single source for your home. Here you will find the right product for every requirement.

The unique aluminum radiator.

Healthy indoor climate with the Olymp aluminum radiator.
The pleasant summer evening serves as a model for a healthy indoor climate. The Olymp aluminum radiator is the beneficial answer to the poor indoor climate during the heating season. The highest energy efficiency and a comfortable room climate are therefore not in contradiction …

Heat pumps (air, brine, water)

The Olymp heat pump heating cabinet: The heating center with the efficient combination of heating, hot water and heat pump leaves nothing to be desired – and that on just 1m2! 
Can be perfectly combined with solar, solid fuel and alternative energies. So there is always cozy warmth and sufficient hot water available …

Heating with gas condensing technology

Our gas condensing boilers are highly efficient and simply fit anywhere – even in the living room. 
Condensing technology is nowadays the most efficient technology for generating heat from fossil fuels such as gas. Wall-hung gas condensing boilers offer outstanding performance in the smallest of spaces…

Heating with bio oil

Highly efficient and environmentally friendly heating with bio oil. Tradition meets modernity.
The Olymp SuperMax can do much more than just burn fossil oil. Olymp oil heaters are ideally prepared to be operated with modern biological oils – with so-called green liquid fuels …

Heating with wood

Heat sustainably with the renewable raw material wood.
There are several aspects that make wood an interesting thing as a fuel. The combustion is highly efficient, but only if the right technology is used. Our wood and pellet boilers start right here …

Pressurisation and degassing automats.

The factors of degassing and pressure maintenance are of the greatest relevance for the smooth and long-term stable operation of a heating system.
With the Olymp HeizwasserController HC you have got the ideal solution …

High energy solar tubes.

Innovative full vacuum solar technology.
The one-time investment in an Olymp high-performance solar system with full vacuum tubes yields free energy for decades. But also a bit of independence from energy prices, which are ultimately always increasing …

Heat Centre

Multifuel in one square meter.
With the OLYMP heating center you combine boiler, burner, control, boiler, buffer and heating circuits in one device. Choose your own personal energy mix with the heating centers from OLYMP.

Hydrosoft Private SPA

The unique multi-wellness cabin.
To relax, we look for warmth, but not the dry heat that stresses us and drains energy. We are attracted by the sea which unites warmth and humidity to the most relaxing climate. The HYDROSOFT® Wellness-Sauna delivers the perfect combination of pleasant infrared warmth and vitalising vapour on a natural basis.