Multifuel in one square meter.

Energy efficient heating. Boiler efficiency alone is only part of the all over efficiency of a heating system. The different requirements and the new tasks of alternative energy integration set the need for an all over view of the whole system. A good match of the various components in the heating system set the base for efficient energy use. Olymp provides the alternative to common systems to ensure a perfect use of the energy now and in the future.

2-zone-heat-store WS/SWS  

Olymp one4all Heizschrank

The update for your heating system. The instant DHW module provides a high flow rate with constant temperatures. The temperature is limited to 50°C even if the storage tank is heated up to 90°C with alternative energy sources like solar. The HeizSchrank HS is with integrated gas or oil boiler and the SWS is with external heat sources.

Future-oriented heating with the Olymp one4all series. 

Olymp one4all Heizschrank Brennwert

Multi-fuel-Heizschrank HS/SHS – the compact thermal store with energy management controller. The combination of the integrated as standard boilers provides a very flexible solution now and for the future. The integrated controller manages the outside temperature regulated heating circuits (weather compensation) as well as the combination of different heat sources such as gas, solar, biomass.

Olymp RegelStar 3000.

One control for everything. Olymp has introduced a new controls generation with the RegelStar 3000. The RZ 3000 is an integrated concept for all heating and cooling needs. The main task of this modern concept is the integration of all different heat sources in combination with a comfortable heat distribution.