Table-top evaporator for heat pump heating cabinet

The new table-top evaporator for the Olymp heat pump heating cabinet.

We worked for a long time on our external table-top evaporator for outdoor use. Now we can proudly say that we have developed a functional and beautiful device!

In the beginning we focused purely on the technical components and lost sight of the essential aspect of optics. Who would want a bulky outdoor part next to their house? However, the new, revised design now not only meets the highest technical standards but also meets appealing elegance! Furthermore, our tabletop vaporizer is the only one of its kind that can be placed directly (without any space) on the wall or in the corner. Free-standing installation is of course also possible.

Tischverdampfer Wärmepumpen-Heizschrank

The volume level of the device – depending on the setup – is also below the requested specifications. The fins of the fan have been designed in such a way that extremely quiet operation is possible. The wings of an owl served as a model for the design. In addition, there is the large diameter of the fan, which means that the noise level is far below the level of conventional fans.

The tabletop vaporizer therefore impresses with its extremely quiet operation and its elegant appearance.