OlyJet air heat pump for outdoor use

Luftwärmepumpe OlyJet Olymp

The Olymp OlyJet air heat pump – now new in the range!

With the visually appealing air heat pump for the outdoor area, we set new standards while you make yourself independent of fossil fuels.
OLYMP OlyJet heat pumps generate comfortable heating with energy from the ambient air.They are recommended wherever very low temperatures are rarely measured, even in winter.

Builders and architects are always on the lookout for environmentally friendly energy producers. In addition to the factors of environmental protection and sustainability, the design of the devices is of course very important. With the OlyJet air heat pump we have exactly the right product for you on offer.

  • Inexpensive installation.
  • Completely integrated control technology.
  • Visually attractive.
  • Very high efficiency.
  • Impressive heating output with up to 53 kW heating output.
  • Space-saving installation in a corner – unlimited installation options thanks to flexible air connections.
  • Plug-and-play commissioning thanks to components completely installed at the factory. 
  • Heating AND cooling possible. 
  • Demand-optimized defrosting and optimally coordinated refrigeration technology.

Olymp Luft Wärmepumpe Außengerät OlyJet

The heat pump for outdoors: 

Perfectly equipped for wind and weather! If there is no space for accommodation in the building, this is no longer a problem: Olymp OlyJet heat pumps are perfectly equipped for outdoor installation. The robust and corrosion-resistant housing provides optimal protection against the weather, is easy to clean and retains its perfect surface appearance over the years.

With Olymp you have a reliable and experienced local heat producer at your side. Reliable service, excellent heating performance and an elegant look – and the whole thing “Made in Tyrol”.

This is how environmental protection and sustainability work in 2020!