OLYMP ALURadiators

Olymp Aluminium Heizkörper

Olymp Wellness Heating – the healthy alternative.

Innovative radiators. The time of dry, overheated rooms is over. Olymp offers a healthy alternative with its wellness radiators. The mild warming of air with low water temperatures results in relative air humidity of 45 to 60 per cent and consequently a constant optimal heating climate. Besides it comes to energy saving too. 

Thermosoft indoor climate: 

The difference of the measured temperatures on both floor and ceiling in a room should be less than 1°C. Healthy – Cozy – economical

Endless design options with the OLYMP aluminium radiator

  • More than 180 exclusive colors available
  • 5 different versions: from the conventional radiator valve, to the auxiliary radiator up to the electric radiator. OLYMP offers a solution for every requirement.
  • Huge selection of different lengths
  • 3 construction depths (60mm, 130mm, 200mm) and 6 heights (250mm to 1800mm)
  • Adaptable shoe warmer
  • Various towel rails: buttons, hangers, shelves, …
  • Mirror surfaces on the radiator
  • Radiator tilt function allows a simple tilting of the radiator off the wall. Ideal for drying clothes and cleaning
  • LED mirror radiator
  • many more

Your product benefits at a glance: 

  • Perfect solution for solar and heat pump 
  • Aluminium enables it: The difference between an Olymp radiator and a conventional radiator is in the construction. Olymp radiators contain about 90 per cent less hot water and due to the excellent conductivity of aluminium, they start heating immediately. 
  • With Olymp radiators you are able to use energy whenever you need it which means potential savings up to 20 per cent
  • Also the material aluminium brings you such benefits as high corrosion resistance and easy mounting through the small weight.
  • Aluminium conducts heat four times as quick as steel, of which the conventional radiators are made.
  • High utilization of thermal capacity at the smallest place with minimal water content.
  • Perfect low temperature heating and excellent precise regulation.
  • Functionality on the highest levelJust think of wet trekking shoes, ski boots, jackets or gloves. The stainless Olymp radiators seem to be made for plumbing units.
  • Cooling with Olymp aluminium radiators 
  • Refurbishment with Olymp aluminium radiators: your heating system will work up to 70 per cent more economical than before. Furthermore you don‘t need to remodell anything – you can simply use the old pipes.
  • e-well electric radiators. Electricity is an alternative if no heating system exists. No pipe work and quick installation

Functional radiator with mirror or towel rail – the ideal solution for the bathroom.

The ideal heat distribution guarantees best comfort and the anti-mildew effect in the bathroom. Always a warm bath and comfortable warm towels without overheating

  • Mirror surfaces for an elegant visual enhancement of the radiator (also with elegant LED lighting)
  • Towel holders in various designs (buttons, shelves, rods, hangers, hooks, …)


Radiators with show warming hooks. 


OLYMP tilting radiator and Flex connection – functionality at the highest level.

The tilting mechanism and the flexible connection make it easy to tip the radiator away from the wall.  

AlufFlex: The valve can be mounted anywhere on the radiator, making the AluFlex a universal device under the radiators. Thanks to the AluFlex function connection block, you can also change the flow and return at any time by simply turning the hexagon 180 °. 


OLYMP cooling radiators.

Silent and corrosion resistant. The ALURadiator is not only perfect for heating a room. In the summer months it can also be used for cooling

  • Easy cleaning
  • Moisture resistant – no corrosion
  • Power cooling possible
  • Gentle cooling without fan and without cold floor
  • Mode1 – ACTIVE COOLING: flow temperatures up to min. 8 ° C, with condensation on the radiator
  • Mode2 – PASSIVE COOLING: flow temperatures up to min. 16 ° C, without condensation on the radiator

Infrared-Hybrid electric radiators. 

Das Prinzip – schnelle Regelbarkeit. Die minimale Wärmeträgermasse (die Heizkörper sind mit nur 1 bis 5 Liter Wasser gefüllt) wird in wenigen Minuten durch einen Heizstab erwärmt. Der Strom – eine wirtschaftliche Alternative. Keine Verrohrung und keine Stand-by-Kosten machen Tagesstrom zu einer wirtschaftlichen Alternative (vor allem in der Übergangszeit). 

The principle – fast controllability. The minimum heat carrier mass (the radiators are filled with only 1 to 5 liters of water) is heated in a few minutes by a heating rod.
Current – an economical alternative. No piping and no stand-by costs. A perfect solution in the transitional period.

  • Immediately ready for use
  • No dirt during installation  
  • Economical in operation: Watt-accurate heating without service and maintenance costs
  • Comfortable to operate thanks to the digital room control
  • Mobile radiators as a perfect complement to your heating system

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